TAJHARA  is a small home based cattery located near San Diego, California We are proud to be recognized for our health, temperament, socialization and beauty of our cats and kittens. We produce all four colors of Somalis and Abyssinians, ruddy, red, blue and fawn..
We are associated with both CFA and TICA.
We test all of our breeding cats for FELV, FIV, and DNA test for PK and PRA.
We work with National , Breed Winner, Regional and Distinguished Merit Lines.
Check with us for current availability of either Somali or Abyssinian kittens by e-mail at   Tajhara@aol.com.
Prices vary. Kittens come spayed, neutered, fully vaccinated, with a guarantee of health.
 They are to be kept indoors and never declawed.

"The Long And The Short Of It"

Somalis are intelligent cats, possess a zest for life, love human companionship, are very social, and have been described very dog like. They toss toys in the air, fetch them back, only to begin the game again. They enjoy head bumps, nose snuggles and any contact they can get with their owners. Their fox-like appearance with their full ruff and britches is a sight to behold !!!!! The coat is longer than the Abyssinian, but much shorter than a Persian or a Maine Coon. If you prefer the "long" of it, than the Somali is the right cat for you !!!

Abyssinians certainly bear a striking resemblance to the cats worshipped, painted, and sculpted by the Ancient Egyptians, which portray an elegant, muscular body, arched neck and almond shaped eyes. They are alert, gentle, quiet voiced, and very athletic. Some folks compare their look to little cougars. So if you prefer the "short "  of it, than an Abyssinian will become your new best friend!!!

Both Abys and Somalis possess their kitten like attitudes for many years. Full maturity can take up to eighteen months. If you desire to be entertained for many years to come,  than either the Abyssinian or Somali is the "purrfect "cat for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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